• are you or is anyone in your household in an at-risk category as outlined by the government?
  • are you or is anyone in your household symptomatic?
  • have you or anyone in the household tested positive?
  • have you or anyone in your household been self-isolating in accordance with government and PHE (Public Health England) guidelines?
  • are you able to leave the property for the duration of internal inspection?

Depending on the outcome of those questions, we may not be able to inspect your property. We will do our best to source as much information as possible from you, online databases, and local estate agents prior to our visit as part of our pre-inspection research. Our inspections are internal, non-invasive, and limited to taking notes, pictures and videos of the property.

We ask that:

  • where possible, the property is vacated for the duration of our inspection (approximately 20 minutes);
  • if this is not possible and where people or families must be in occupation, they should maintain social distancing in line with government guidelines;
  • you (or the occupier) ensure that all areas are open or easily accessible (e.g. basements, lofts, doors and windows) to reduce contact with surfaces as much as possible;
  • if you have pets, they are to be contained in one room or, if this is not possible, to be kept at a distance of two metres.

The property will be left as presented on our arrival, and our inspection is limited to those areas we need to see. We will aim for the minimal amount of contact with surfaces as possible, and our staff will wear PPE (personal protective equipment) which will be discarded after the inspection.

All of our equipment is sanitised regularly in accordance with Public Health England guidelines.

Data protection

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are obliged to undertake a risk assessment before allowing our staff members to visit a property and, as outlined, will need to collect information about the health of any occupants of the property who will be present at the visit.

Health information is personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and therefore we need to comply with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) when recording and using the information
collected before or during the assessment.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has provided advice, and informed us that we can use the legal basis of “consent” to collect this information. Thespecial category condition will be “explicit consent”.

We will need to demonstrate that each adult client or occupier who will be present when the visit takes place has given explicit consent to myleasehold recording their health data. If any children will be present when the visit takes place, a parent or guardian should give explicit consent on their behalf.

We will only collect and retain the minimum amount of information needed to fulfil a purpose, and will need to retain clear records of the explicit consent given by clients or occupiers to us recording their health data. We will request this by e-mail prior to our inspection, and will not attend a property without this information being provided.

Providing us with this information is voluntary, but we may not be able to safely conduct the inspection and valuation without the information.

As this is sensitive health data, we will ensure that:

  • access to this data will be restricted to those who have a need to know;
  • it will be kept securely; and
  • it will be destroyed as soon as it is no longer needed for contact tracing in the event of someone developing symptoms.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please e-mail Chris Glew (chris@myleasehold.co.uk) or call us on 020 7034 3435.

myleasehold limited are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office – reg. no. ZA037495