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Drone Services

Detailed Site Analysis

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Why use aerial drone photography?

Detailed information regarding your property could benefit negotiations between the Freeholder and Leaseholder, therefore, we offer a drone inspection service to support the process.

Drone technology is a superior method to determine building condition and also any potential development value. It is for example frequently used to identify if there is potential to undertake a rooftop development and provide an aerial overview of the property in its entirety.

Drone technology key benefits include

Enhanced Visuals

Imagery which can capture the overall scale of the property, gardens, multiple buildings, out buildings and surroundings.


High-resolution photos identify detailed issues more closely.


Compared to traditional methods, drone technology saves time.

A Safer Option

Aerial imagery of rooftops can be a risky business; drone technology is simply a better use of resources.

For further information regarding this service please contact us.