Myleasehold can help you understand the process, give expert advice, and accurately value your lease extension.

Whether you are a leaseholder wanting to make an offer to your Landlord, or a freeholder who has received an offer from your Tenant; one of our comprehensive lease extension valuations will help you understand the issues and make a well-informed decision.

Detailed Valuation Reports

We produce a thorough, comprehensive report along with three valuations without the need of inspecting your property, as we can find out all we need to know through access to professional property databases.

The valuations would set out a best-case, worst-case scenario for you;explaining your options. This service is a recommended option if you want a more detailed analysis without the added expense of a site visit.

Property Visit Valuations

Following a more traditional approach to property valuation, if your property is in the ‘Prime’ Central London area or is of a high value, or on a short lease, we often recommend a site visit. From our experience, central London properties often have more complex lease structures and variables.

Our site visit in which we measure your property compliments our full review of the lease and associated documentation, from which our best-case worst-case scenario report follows, including and most importantly ourvaluations for the worth of the lease extension.

Negotiation Services

Negotiations to decide the premium to be paid for your lease extension are usually conducted between the surveyors of the Freeholder and Leaseholder.

We represent our clients during the negotiation stage, striving to achieve the best outcome for your case.

Please feel free to call us today to discuss your needs; we offer a free initial consultation using a Freephone service. Depending on your circumstances we will recommend the services we think most suitable, and you can decide which is best for you.

We understand that the ‘legalese’ and industry-specific terminology can be confusing. If this section of our site leaves you perplexed, please contact us today by phone or email – or the instant chat widget at the bottom of this page! – and one of our customer service advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.