Once a Notice of Claim has been served, or one of the parties has informally approached the other with a view to extending a lease or buying the freehold (collective enfranchisment), negotiations will follow.

Why instruct myleasehold to negotiate on your behalf?

  • Negotiations are usually conducted between the surveyors of the two parties. Myleasehold regularly represents our clients in negotiations, and we work hard to obtain the best results for you.
  • If you have already enlisted our services for your valuation, we will be familiar with your case and in a ready position to negotiate on your behalf.
  • We are also able to negotiate on behalf of new clients, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your case to see if we can help you get the best value for your lease extension or enfranchisement.
  • We are experienced negotiators and use all our skills along with a tactical approach to reach the best deal possible.
  • We have various fee structures for negotiations; either based on time spent, a capped fee excluding any work for a First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) or an agreed percentage of the savings negotiated.

Please call us today or fill out the callback form to your right to discuss how we can negotiate the best deal for you.

We understand that the ‘legalese’ and industry-specific terminology can be confusing. If this section of our site leaves you perplexed, please contact us today by phone or email and one of our customer service advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.