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Strength through our network

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We greatly value our professional network of contacts. It is a network we are always looking to expand.

We have a standing offer to any law firm, accounting firm or Estate Agents who want to learn more about leasehold enfranchisement, for us to visit their offices and give our 40 minute presentation in which we outline the valuation process, and our function in it or any specific area of interest.

Our staff have presented at numerous professional firms, given training and presentations at a number of ALEP conferences, contributed to the Leasehold Advisory Service‘s consumer podcasts, co-hosted a stand at the Landlord and Letting show, and run free information sessions for local leaseholders in various localities.

We like to think that one reason we maintain our network, and the strength in building our network, is delivery.

We make strong commitments to delivery which can be relied upon by any referrer.

On case-specific matters we would always recommend what we consider to be the ‘right service’ based on property value and length of lease. We are always mindful of your client’s costs, and strive to provide best value at all times.